Geraldo on Marco Rubio: "He Was Surprising. He Wasn't Foaming at the Mouth" (Video)

Gee, you think Geraldo might be a lib?
While discussing the Rubio-Crist debate today on FOX News Sunday, Geraldo said he was surprised about conservative Rubio,
“Rubio was surprising. He wasn’t foaming at the mouth.”

Geraldo Rivera:

“In fairness to our audience I have to say that my family loves Charlie Crist. We were at his wedding. He came to our mom’s house. He’s a wonderful guy. I’m not endorsing anybody. It’s not my job. But, it seemed to me he held his own. But, Rubio was surprising. He wasn’t foaming at the mouth. He wasn’t radical. He seemed poised in his own way so Charlie’s got his hands full.”

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