Frank Luntz: The Unabomber Has a Higher Approval Rating Than Members of Congress Right Now (Video)

Conservative analyst Frank Luntz told Sean Hannity tonight that the rubber-stamped Pelosi-Reid Congress has a lower approval rating than the Unabomber.

Sean Hannity: Let’s go to Nancy Pelosi to responding to why it’s been hard to acquire the votes necessary. Here’s what she said.

Pelosi: Every vote is a heavy lift. We have great diversity in our caucus. We don’t have a rubber stamp Congress. (hah) or rubber stamp Caucus. So we have our full airing of issues. Members want to see these figures. They want to see what the senate will do. We like the dynamic in our caucus. But it does show the impact of the campaign of misrepresentation of fear that is going on out there. There is no limit to what the other side will do to protect the insurance companies (Huh?)


Sean Hannity: Wow. And they’re the ones who met with the pharmaceutical companies. How well did that go over?

Frank Luntz: “We don’t have a rubber stamp Congress?” Make no mistake, when someone says we don’t have “X” that means this is exactly what we have. And, when she said it is a misrepresentation by the other side and its promotion of fear, the fact is she’s actually disqualifying those opposed to this legislation. I think that is why the intensity is so much in favor of the Republicans right now on this issue. And, that is why only 37% of Americans support this. Nancy Pelosi is right. The American people are afraid. She’s just not listening… Sean, yes, the Unabomber has a higher favorability rating than some members of Congress right now.

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