Former Gitmo Detainee Leads Insurgency in Southern Afghanistan

A former Gitmo detainee is leading the insurgency in southern Afghanistan. Mullah Abdul Qayyum or Mullah Zakir was released by Afghani officials in a botched attempt at reconciliation with tribes.
The Daily Times reported:

The insurgency in the most violent part of Afghanistan is being led by a former Guantanamo Bay detainee, set free by the Afghan government in a botched attempt at reconciliation with tribes, a NATO official said on Saturday.

The man, known by the names Mullah Abdul Qayyum and Mullah Zakir, was arrested in 2001 and held in the US prison camp in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, until 2007, when the administration of President George W Bush turned him over to Afghan custody. He is now the commander of Taliban forces in southern Afghanistan – including the Helmand province, where US and British forces launched the war’s biggest offensive last month – and a leading candidate to take over as Taliban number two and overall military commander, said the NATO official.

Qayyum was transferred to a prison in Kabul in 2007. Afghan Deputy Attorney General Fazel Ahmad Faqiryar confirmed that the Afghan authorities freed him in 2008 under a reconciliation programme.

More… Qayyaum’s key aide is also a former Gitmo detainee:

“Qayyum’s key aide in plotting attacks on Afghan and international forces is another former Guantanamo prisoner, said the Afghan intelligence officials as well as a former Helmand governor, Sher Mohammed Akundzada. Abdul Rauf, who told his U.S. interrogators he had only loose connections to the Taliban, spent time in an Afghan jail before being freed last year.”

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