Forget About the Economy… Statist Obama & the Radicals in Congress Plan to Revamp Education System Next

It’s the economy, stupid!
…No, it’s not.

Get ready for some more hope and change.

Despite the fact that the unemployment rate is nearly 10% under this administration and deficits are through the roof, Team Obama and the radicals in Congress will focus on revamping the education system next if they are able to ram Slaughtercare through Congress.
The Politico reported:


President Barack Obama unveiled his plan for a sweeping overhaul of the nation’s school system Saturday, proposing changes he says would shift emphasis from teaching to the test to a more nuanced assessment of judging school and student progress.

On Monday, Obama will submit his blueprint for reauthorizing the No Child Left Behind law to Congress, and he’s given lawmakers a powerful incentive to take up the bill this year—his budget proposal includes a $1 billion bonus should new legislation land on his desk this year.

Obama’s proposal would toss out the core of the Bush-era law, which calls for across-the-board proficiency from all students in reading and math by 2014, and instead emphasize revamped assessment tools that link teacher evaluations to student progress, and a goal of having students career and college ready upon graduation.

Here’s what you can expect…
Recently, the Obama Administration cut funding to Upward Bound, a successful educational program with a proven track record. Upward Bound provides support to participating students in their preparation for college entrance. At the same time, despite the runaway federal spending and record budget deficits, Barack Obama is including $410 million in the 2011 budget for his “safe schools” czar Kevin Jennings. This is an increase of $45 million over last year’s budget.

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