Figures. Politico Uses Evangelical Obama Voter In Tea Party Hit Piece

The Politico ran a hit piece today about how “The Tea Parties Stir Evangelical Fears.”

Tea parties stir evangelicals’ fears

The rise of a new conservative grass roots fueled by a secular revulsion at government spending is stirring fears among leaders of the old conservative grass roots, the evangelical Christian right.

A reeling economy and the massive bank bailout and stimulus plan were the triggers for a resurgence in support for the Republican Party and the rise of the tea party movement. But they’ve also banished the social issues that are the focus of many evangelical Christians to the background….

“As far as I can tell [the tea party movement] has a politics that’s irreligious. I can’t see how some of my fellow conservatives identify with it,” said Richard Cizik, who broke with a major evangelical group over his support for government action on climate change, but who remains largely in line with the Christian right on social issues. “The younger Evangelicals who I interact with are largely turned off by the tea party movement — by the incivility, the name-calling, the pathos of politics.”

So who is Richard Cizik?
…He’s an Obama supporter.

Richard Cizik is not your average every day evangelical. He supported the pro-abortion, pro-infanticide Barack Obama in 2008 for president.
From Christianity Today:

Cizik told Gross that he voted for Obama in the primaries, but stopped short of saying whom he voted for in the general election.

No wonder he hates those uncivil teabaggers!

Next time Politico, would you please use a conservative for your tea party hit peace?
Is that asking too much?

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