Figures. Obama's Latest NLRB Appointee Pushes No Punishment for Hiring Illegals

What a complete shock. Obama’s latest appointee is a radical leftist nutjob.
NLRB labor appointee and SEIU lawyer Greg Becker does not believe in punishing those who hire illegal aliens.
Via BreitbartTV and Naked Emperor News:

The Wall Street Journal calls Greg Becker Obama’s go-to guy.

Big Labor might not even need card check if Craig Becker has his way.

Mr. Becker is one of two recent National Labor Relations Board appointments by President Obama. The five-member NLRB supervises union elections, investigates labor practices and, most important, issues rulings that interpret the National Labor Relations Act. Mr. Becker, who is currently the associate general counsel at Andy Stern’s Service Employees International Union, is all for giving unions more power over companies in elections…

He’s willing to push NLRB discretion as far as possible to tilt today’s labor rules in favor of easier unionization.

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