Pure Evil… Pelosi Prays to St. Joseph to Help Her Pass Abortion-Funding Bill …Update: Pelosi Has Wrong Saint's Day

She-Devil Pelosi says she prayed to St. Joseph this morning to help her pass Obamacare. She also told reporters that even the Catholic nuns want the democrats to pass “this life affirming legislation.”

She offered her prayer on the same day that she rejected a plea from Rep. Bart Stupak to agree to a deal to remove the abortion funding from the Senate health care bill.

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Today is the feast of St. Joseph the Worker, particularly important to Italian-Americans. It’s a day where we remember and pray to St. Joseph to benefit the workers of America, and that’s exactly what our health-care bill will do. … Every order that you can think of was there [on a list of endorsements], saying they wanted us to pass this life-affirming legislation.

UPDATE: Why are we not surprised? Today is not St. Joseph the Worker’s Feast Day…


The Feast of St Joseph the Worker in the United States is celebrated in September, coincident with Labor Day. In Europe it is May 1. It was instituted to counter the Communist May Day festival because the Pope knew that work in communist countries was undignified slavery.Today is the Feast of St Joseph, Patron of the Universal Church, also the Patron of a Happy Death, as the Celebrant of the Mass I assisted at today reminded those present.

Hat Tip to Ladue Pundit and Frank McLaughlin

UPDATE: The Anchoress is hot:

What an abominable woman; what a power-mad, ruthless, mendacious grotesque she is.

I have always argued against knee-jerk excommunications, and when Pelosi visited the Pope I suggested Catholics calm down and let the slow wheels turn, but this astonishing display has me almost choking with disgust and rage. The Church scandalizes itself often; it is an imperfect institution where holiness and evil are activated against one another. Understanding that, one tends to the long view, and so when individual Catholics screw up and bring scandal, I am mindful of the fact that I too am a Catholic who -in my own way- can and do bring scandal to others. I understand that in my rage right now, I am probably “scandalizing” someone who thinks I should be “more tolerant of an opposing view” so I don’t particularly believe I am called to inventory the soul of another.

However, it is one thing for a Catholic to be publicly misguided, misinformed, socially maladjusted or even stupid. It’s quite another -and to my way of thinking, a genuinely evil thing- for Catholics to put on a cloak of moral authority by virtue of their church membership, and proceed to spin their deceitful webs while mindfully exploiting her greatest saints and teachings for the expressed (and unbelievably sleazy) promulgation of their legislative propaganda…

I will pray for her. Maybe by nightfall I’ll be able to manage it. In the meantime, please pray for me, also, that I might settle down and embrace charity and open my heart to the Light of Christ. I don’t like feeling this way about anyone.

But first, I must scream a little more, and swallow back the bile, at the absolute horror she is become, and that she spews from her mouth.

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