Astroturfed "Coffee Party" Extremists Hold First Meeting In St. Louis

The far left astroturfed “Coffee Party” group held their first meeting in St. Louis on Thursday March 4, 2010. These radical leftists support Obama’s unpopular agenda including socialized medicine, irresponsible government spending, increasing the size of government, more handouts, etc. The group was started by an top Obama Campaign official Anabelle Park.

The far left group is going to hold a rally in St. Louis on March 13.

More… Sue added this:

“Coffee Party” does sound racist. And it seems they are just dying to follow in the footsteps of the Tea Party through imitation… Why don’t they call themselves the Socialists of America in Defense of Obamacare = SADO-mao-so-chists.

UPDATE: The Thursday night Coffee Party Group is a branch of the national astroturfed group based out of Washington DC.

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