Catholic Archbishop Warns About Dishonest Pro-Obamacare Leftist Groups Posing as Catholics

A Catholic Archbishop warned Americans today about dishonest leftists and democrats who claim the church backs the pro-abortion Senate health care bill.

We saw a bit of this already this weekend. A non-Catholic Catholic group of radical leftists and Marxists released a letter (signed by non-Catholics) in support of the Senate’s pro-abortion bill.

Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Corner reported:


In a piece to be released later this morning, Catholic archbishop Charles J. Chaput of Denver comes out swinging against the health-care push in Washington this week. He writes, in part:

Groups, trade associations and publications describing themselves as “Catholic” or “prolife” that endorse the Senate version — whatever their intentions — are doing a serious disservice to the nation and to the Church, undermining the witness of the Catholic community; and ensuring the failure of genuine, ethical health-care reform. By their public actions, they create confusion at exactly the moment Catholics need to think clearly about the remaining issues in the health-care debate. They also provide the illusion of moral cover for an unethical piece of legislation.

Do not be misled, in other words, by a Speaker’s lies or by anyone claiming to speak for the Catholic Church telling you a Catholic’s conscience will be clear if he supports this legislation.

Remember: The dishonest leftists will stop at nothing to pass their nationalized health care bill.

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