Captured ETA Terrorist Trained With FARC in Venezuela; Supported By Chavez Regime

Yesterday it was reported that the Chavez government assisted Marxist FARC and ETA terrorist groups in a plot to murder popular Colombian President Alvaro Uribe.

Also, yesterday, it was reported that three top ETA terrorists linked to the South American FARC terror group were arrested in France this past weekend.

Ibon Gogeascoechea Arronategui, 54, the “most senior” member of the Basque separatist group (ETA), was arrested in the northern French town of Cahan early Sunday, Spanish authorities said. The two ETA suspects detained along with him were “saying goodbye” to Gogeascoechea before leaving for Spain. (AFP)

Spanish and French officials yesterday captured 3 top ETA terrorists in France. One of the ETA terrorists had returned from Venezuela where he trained with the communist FARC terror group in the jungle.
Euronews reported:


Spanish and French police dealt a heavy blow to ETA by capturing its leader Ibon Gogeaskoetxea in northern France.

One of the two ETA suspects captured with Gogeaskoetxea had recently returned from Venezuela, where he had lived for several years, Spanish counter-terrorism sources said.

According to Monday’s detailed court ruling, in 2007 ETA rebels were given a Venezuelan military escort to a site in the jungle where they gave a course on handling explosives to visiting FARC guerrillas.

This shows Venezuelan government cooperation in the illicit collaboration between FARC and ETA,” Judge Velasco said in the document, adding that one of those wanted is Arturo Cubillas, who has worked for Venezuela’s government since Chavez won elections in 1999.

Venezuelan legislator Hayden Pirela, who heads the parliament’s subcommission for border affairs and integration, said the fact Cabillas had worked in the government did not mean Venezuela supported ETA.

FARC has killed thousands of people in a decades-old war to set up a Socialist state in Colombia. ETA has killed more than 850, fighting for independence for the Basque Country. FARC is also believed to have had training from suspected members of the Irish Republican Army (IRA) on bomb-making techniques.

This is not the first time that the Chavez Government has been linked to ETA terrorists.

Arturo Cubillas from a photo taken back in 1985. The ETA terrorist works for the government of Hugo Chavez and is a suspect in 3 murders in Spain. Since October 2005, Arturo Cubillas works as a director in the Office of Management and Services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Land Affairs of Venezuela.

It was reported back in 2006 that Chavez had employed Arturo Cubillas the former ETA terrorist accused of 3 murders in Spain.
Toasted Bread reported:

Chávez has employed Arturo Cubillas, ex-ETA terrorist, allegedly accused of 3 murders in Spain, and his wife. He has been named Director assigned to the Office of Administration and Services of the Agricultural and Lands of Venezuela Minister. His wife has been named General Director of the Venezuelan Presidency, as Spanish Embassy in Venezuela has confirmed. Links above are in Spanish, but are very interesting to know who this man was. In brief, he was one of the ETA-Terrorists looked for by Spanish police in the 80’s -where ETA’s bloody campaign was more active-, deported from Venezuela to Algeria, where talks between Socialist Government and ETA failed.

The ETA terrorists traveled to Venezuela to teach the FARC in the use of C4 explosives and mobile telephones as detonators.
The Guardian reported:

The judge said that two Farc members, Victor Vargas and Gustavo Navarro, had travelled to Spain twice to identify possible targets among the Colombian community for assassination.

He said the Farc members had relied on Eta for support during their visit, and attempts had also been made to find a way of killing President Alvaro Uribe during a visit to Spain.

The investigating magistrate said that up to half a dozen Eta members had travelled to Venezuela to train Farc members in the use of C4 explosives and mobile telephones as detonators.

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