Breaking: Dems Don't Have Votes For Health Care Suicide Pact

It’s a toxic bomb.

Is Obamacare a suicide pact? That’s what Michael Ramirez suggests — Via Power Line.

Breaking: Speaker Pelosi doesn’t have the votes to ram Obamacare through the House.
The Hill reported:

House Democratic leaders don’t have the votes to pass healthcare reform. At least not yet.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has expressed confidence that when push comes to shove, healthcare reform will pass Congress. But there will be plenty of pushing in the days ahead.

Pelosi is clearly down in the vote count. Thirty-four House Democrats are either firm no votes or leaning no, according to The Hill’s whip list. Dozens more are undecided.

Dem candidates are distancing themselves from this toxic bomb by liberals to take over the nation’s health care system.

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