Breaking: Catholic Bishops AGAINST 11th Hour Stupak Executive Rule on Abortion Funding …Update: Stupak Group Cancels Presser

The Catholic Bishops released this memo moments ago.
They condemn the 11th hour strategy Stupak-Executive Rule on abortion funding.
Life News reported:

The pro-life office of the nation’s Catholic bishops has join other pro-life groups in condemning an 11th-hour strategy that would have pro-life Democrats support the pro-abortion Senate health care bill in exchange for President Barack Obama issuing an executive order banning abortion funding in it.

Leading pro-life Democrat Bart Stupak is pursuing the executive order because he wants to ban abortion funding under the bill but also because he wants to be able to eventually vote for it.

The main objections from pro-life advocacy groups center on two points.

First, they have sincere doubts about whether Obama, who has an extensive pro-abortion track record and used an executive order during his first week in office to expand taxpayer funding of abortions, would ever sign one.

Secondly, they point out technical problems with the idea, saying an executive order is not able to remedy the numerous ways in which the Senate bill funds and promotes abortion funding.

The Hill reported about an hour ago that Rep. Bart Stupak (D-Mich.) said he was close to striking a deal with the Obama administration on abortion provisions.

UPDATE: The Stupak Group cancelled their noon presser.


UPDATE: Pro-Life Dems Will Support Pro-Abortion Obamacare(?)

FLASHBACK: Stupak says he will support a pro-abortion health care bill.

UPDATE: Stupak still not a yes… Yet.

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