Apple Shareholder Recounts Bashing Al Gore At Meeting

“He’s a Laughingstock. The Glaciers Have Not Melted!”
Al Gore was sitting in the front row but that didn’t stop shareholders from lambasting the world’s leading junk scientist at the Apple’s annual meeting.

Yesterday, Apple shareholder Shelton Ehrlich wrote to explain what happened at this year’s Apple shareholder’s meeting.

I said this at the recent meeting of Apple shareholders:

“I stand in opposition to the re-election of Al Gore to Apple’s board. He has become a laughing stock. The Himalayan glaciers are not melting, the seas are not rising and the medieval warm period has returned. If his advice to Apple is as bad as his positions on the environment he should not be on Apple’s board.”

This is why I said it:

As a shareholder I had the right to oppose his re-election. It is my opinion that he is a laughing stock. My three categorical statements regarding the global warming science are based on what is being widely reported. The most important claim made by Mr. Gore is that the science of man-made global warming is settled. The three significant errors I cite are proof that the science is not settled.

FYI: I have spoken against his re-election at four Apple shareholder meetings. Each time I have chosen a different basis for my opposition. If I’m allowed, I will continue to oppose Mr. Gore.

As I sat down another shareholder rose to defend Mr. Gore. I would judge that more than half of the audience applauded. Later in the meeting I spoke in opposition to two proposals on sustainability and maybe fifteen people clapped. After the meeting ten found me and expressed their thanks for my remarks. They were all old, just like me.

Thank you, Shelton. Keep up the good work. Eventually, Apple will be forced to remove this awful snake oil salesman from their board.

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