Khamenei Torched at Fire Festival… Iranian Protesters Cry Out For Obama

After Ayatollah Khamenei urged Iranians to shun the “Un-Islamic” Night of Fire Festivities… They torched him.

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday urged Iranians to shun the Persian fire festival as an un-Islamic event which causes “a lot of harm.”

But instead, close to 1,000 Iranians torched his image in Azadi Square.

Planet Iran reported that several protests broke out across Iran. Security guards were overpowered on Geesha Bridge in Tehran. Young Iranians at Vali Asr area of Tehran threw firecrackers at security guards. Several more protests were reported.




UPDATE: From Planet Iran— People are chanting a new message to Obama saying: “Hossein, Hossein, stop trying to talk to our murderers!”

Here’s video from the Naarmak neighborhood of Tehran:

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