A New Low… Liberal Media Now Running Terri Shiavo "Pull the Plug" Musical Comedy for Children (Video)

Well, here’s a new low from the godless left… “Family Guy” marked the 5 year anniversary of Terri Shiavo’s court-ordered death by staging a children’s musical comedy about pulling the plug.

Maybe they’re preparing us for Obamacare?

Since when did mocking a family over the court-ordered death of their daughter become good humor?

NewsBusters reported:


Seth MacFarlane marked the five-year-anniversary of Terri Schiavo’s court-ordered death by staging a preschool musical about it in his crass FOX cartoon, “Family Guy.”

MacFarlane denied Schiavo human dignity in the March 21 episode by referring to her in lyrics sung by cartoon preschoolers as “the most expensive plant you’ll ever see” and a “vegetable,” and noted “her mashed potato brains.”

The child who played the role of Schiavo’s husband, Michael, ultimately concluded, “There’s only one solution, it’s in the Constitution, we’ve got to pull the plug.”

Schiavo died on March 31, 2005, after her parents fought numerous legal battles, appealing to the United States Congress and Supreme Court, to keep her alive, against the wishes of her husband.

A chorus representing pro-life protesters sang in the show, “Terri Schaivo is kind of alive-oh. What a lively little bugger … Terri Schiavo is kind of alive-oh, the most expensive plant you’ll ever see.” A “doctor” sang, “Maybe we should just unplug her.”

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