65 Year-Old Man Whose Finger Was Bitten Off By Unhinged Leftist Is Angry State-Run Media Ignored Story

Bill Rice had his finger bitten off by an unhinged Obamacare supporter. While the state-run media pumped up the bogus spitting/n-word fable they have completely ignored this man’s horrible attack.
Yesterday he went on Cavuto to tell his story and display his fingerless hand:

Bill Rice says he is upset with the tyranny in Washington and upset the state-run media completely ignored his suffering at the hand’s of a deranged leftist.
Associated Content reported:

Rice’s story goes like this: He’s driving around where he lived at the time, Thousand Oaks, California, when he sees some Moveon.org and Code Pink protesters (never a good combination, no, no) being their usual, noisy, chaotic selves as they chant on a street corner. Being concerned that their protest was directed at his marine son, Rice drove up to them and (probably politely and non-hostilely) asked them about their protest. Up to that point, apparently, everything was fine because Rice, satisfied with their explanation, was about ready to get back in his car and drive off…but then hell broke loose. Hell in the cowardly and radical self of an Obamacare supporter.

This Obamacare supporter, with no explanation, abruptly marched across the street to the corner where Rice was at and then began to provocatively swear at him with maledictions of “f****** a******.” Clearly because this was provocative, a scuffle ensued, Rice apparently had his fist in the Obamacare supporter’s face (which he wouldn’t have if the Obamacare supporter wasn’t so provocative)…and then the cowardly and savage Obamacare supporter bit off a good portion of Rice’s pinky! Flagrantly, this also demonstrates the “manliness” of the males in the pro-Obamacare camp as biting someone is hardly something a man can be proud of.

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