Uh-Oh… Bill Clinton Detects Similiarities Between 2010 and 1994 (Video)

Even Bill Clinton sees it coming. The former president told Major Garrett that he sees similarities between this year and 1994 when democrats “got a thumpin” and lost the House.
Ya think?

Bubba says that dems can still win.
FOX News has more on the interview:

This political season feels a “little bit” like 1994, former President Bill Clinton said Monday, comparing President Obama’a struggle to pass health care reforms to his own.

But the former president declined to describe the Democratic Congress’ efforts this past year as an “overreach.”

Speaking to Fox News in an exclusive interview, Clinton said he didn’t think Democrats will lose control Congress this year, as they did after his failed effort to create a nationalized health care system in 1993, because Democrats “in effect got more advanced notice” of the anger that is brewing over the debate.

“They have a lot of advanced notice now. I think the biggest problem that the president’s got is that the lifetime — it’s the — the danger that people who want health care will be disappointed and stay home; that happened to me,” he said.

Clinton added that the National Rifle Association also played a bigger role than it’s credited in turning over Congress during the 1994 Republican revolution.

“They were mad about this whole weapons ban and the Brady Bill, and they probably took 15 of our House members out. That was their number, they said between 15 and 20, and I’d say, at least on the low side, they were right,” he said.

But the president also warned that Congress has an added burden this midterm election year — an economy that is recovering much more slowly than it did when his administration was digging out of a recession.

It all points to a democratic disaster come November.
We can hope.

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