The Dem's Disconnect: A Response to Obama's Defiant SOTU Address (Video)

3.4 million jobs lost. 1.4 Trillion Dollar Budget Deficit. 10.0% Unemployment
That’s what the Pelosi-Obama government brought you in 2009—
Now they want to do it all again with a new stimulus jobs bill.

Meanwwhile Republicans have a different idea:

Are the Democrats in charge of our government listening? The last 11 months have been spent on an agenda that is out of step with the struggles of the American people. An agenda that expands the reach of government, increases the deficit, and requires us to borrow even more money from foreign countries.

Rep. Cantor highlighted some common-sense proposals that are worthy of serious consideration by the President and the Congressional Majority. He knows there are philosophical differences between the parties, but surely there are a few common-sense things that all can agree on to help get America back to work.

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