Texas Gubernatorial Tea Party Candidate Implodes On Glenn Beck Show

This was a textbook case on how to end a campaign in one interview.
Tea Party candidate Debra Medina imploded today on the Glenn Beck radio show. The Republcian candidate for governor is a 9-11 Truther.
She said questions still remain.
Trail Blazers reported:

TV and radio commentator Glenn Beck dismissed the candidacy of Debra Medina when she left open the door to a conspiracy fringe group that believe the U.S. government might have been behind the 9-11 destruction of the World Trade Center.

Beck, a leading personality for conservatives, asked her point blank if she believed such a theory.

“I don’t have all the evidence there, Glenn,” Medina replied. “So I’m not in a place – I have not been out publicly questioning that. I think some very good questions have been raised in that regard. There’s some very good arguments and I think the American people have not seen all the evidence there so I’ve not taken a position there.”

He then asked if she would disavow people on her campaign team that held such a theory.

“I’m certainly not into mind control or thought policing people,” Medina said. “I don’t see us having a team of radical individuals, if you will.”

When she signed off the program, Beck let out a long Oooh.

Story Balloon has the audio.

More… Retire05 added this:


Jim, here is my report from on the ground:

Medina is a Ron Pauler. She worked on Paul’s last campaign and has adopted the tactics the the Paulians did when Paul threw his hat in the presidential ring.

When polls are taken (Perry, Hutchison, Medina) her supporters (former Paulians) crash the polls by calling in time after time after time, just as they did during the presidential campaign.

She claims to have the Tx. Tea Party groups behind her, but she doesn’t.

Yeah, we knew she was a Truffer. But she had done her best to keep that little fact under wraps because she knows it won’t play well in Texas.

Good to see she lost it with Beck. Her campaign is probably now on life support, along with KBH.

Medina backtracked slightly later today in a statement.

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