Snow Closes US Senate – Saves American Taxpayers $80 Billion

Let it snow. Let is snow. Let it snow.
The weekend snowstorm shut down the US Senate on Monday. The democrats were hoping to vote for another $80 billion stimulus jobs bill on Monday. Now they will have to put off the vote until Tuesday or later.

People walk through the snow-covered streets of Washington, DC. The US east coast braced for a new major winter storm Tuesday after record snowfall left thousands of people shivering in the dark without power, transportation paralyzed and the federal government shut down. (AFP/Jewel Samad)

CBS reported:

Much of Washington is at a standstill today because of the heavy snow that has blanketed the district. The Senate has delayed its work schedule for a day, including a vote on a jobs bill — but it appears to be more than just the snow delaying Senate action.

“We do believe very emphatically that we’re going to be able to have a bipartisan bill on Monday,” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said last week. Reid said Democrats would introduce legislation with or without Republican support, even though they need at least one GOP vote to get past a filibuster.

Lawmakers are still negotiating, however, over issues such as how to pay for the legislation, Politico reports. Republicans are reportedly opposed to using returned bank bailout funds for the bill, which Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch estimated would cost $80 billion. The centerpiece of the bill is likely to be a tax credit for small and medium-sized companies that hire new employees.

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