Scott Brown Says to Scrap Obamacare & Start Over

Despite Robert Gibbs insistance that Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts was a referendum in support of Obamacare, Senator Brown said several times during the campaign that he would be the 41st vote against the democrat’s nationalized health care plan.

Again yesterday in his interview with Barbara Walters Scott Brown said that Obamacare should be scrapped and Congress should start over on health care reform.
The Politico reported:

Brown said the Democratic health care reform bill should be scrapped and lawmakers should start over.

“Yes,” Brown said when asked if the bill should be abandoned. “I think it was on its last legs before I even got elected, because the Democrats even were upset at the backroom deals, for example, in Nebraska. And they want a chance, I believe, based on just what I’m hearing, …to go back to the drawing board and do it in a transparent, bipartisan manner. That’s the big difference between Massachusetts and Washington.”

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