Rush Limbaugh: Adam Andrzejewski Is the “Scott Brown of Illinois” …Update: Rush & Beck Audio

Wow! Rush Limbaugh just endorsed conservative and tea party candidate Adam Andrzejewski today on his radio show.

Adam is the true conservative in the Illinois gubernatorial race.

Rush Limbaugh just called Republican gubernatorial candidate Adam Andrzejewski the “Scott Brown of Illinois.” Adam experienced a surge in the polls this past weekend and is quickly gaining momentum in the final sprint of the campaign for the Illinois primaries.

Andrzejewski responded to the endorsement this afternoon:

“Holy mackerel!” Adam Andrzejewski said when I called him just now after learning that he’d been endorsed by Rush Limbaugh this afternoon on the nation’s No. 1 radio program.

“We’re gonna win this race . . . That’s got to be the closer,” said Andrzejewski, whose GOP gubernatorial campaign was also reportedly endorsed today by Glenn Beck on the eve of tomorrow’s primary. “It’s a historical election for Illinois. Nothing like this has ever happened here before.”

Adam received former Polish President Lech Walesa’s endorsement on Friday in Chicago.


UPDATE: Thanks to Chip for the audio:

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