Radical Islamists Rally for Hezbollah & Iraq Resistance in Front of Louvre Museum (Video)

Radical Islamists held a massive rally in front of the Louvre Museum in Paris. After the rally a McDonalds was destroyed and several cars were torched. It is Paris, after all.

Via United American Committee

Is Europe past the point of no return?

I filmed this while on my trip to Paris in January 2009, but just finally got around to uploading it now. Scary stuff. This is in front of the Louvre where the Mona Lisa is.


Hezbollah flags are seen throughout the rally.

1:35 A banner proclaiming support of the Iraq resistance

2:08 You can see someone holding a photo of terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah

2:50-3:30 – Chants in Arabic saying “We are the soldiers of Mohammad”

2:55-2:50 – Jihadi taunting the police

6:10 – The “youths” burning an Israeli flag

6:48 – Burning another Israeli flag to shouts of Allah Akbar

Watch it to the end. When they started burning flags we got out of there before the violence started, but a McDonnalds was destroyed and several cars torched later that evening.

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