Obama Top Advisor & Political Hack Says National Security Critics Are Serving Al-Qaeda

Obama Flashback: “I will never question the patriotism of others in this campaign.”

But that was back in 2008.

The Deputy National Security Advisor for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism advisor to the White House John Brennan wrote today that those who criticize Team Obama’s dangerous and naive national security decisions are only serving Al-Qaeda.
USA Today reported, via HotAir:

Politically motivated criticism and unfounded fear-mongering only serve the goals of al-Qaeda. Terrorists are not 100-feet tall. Nor do they deserve the abject fear they seek to instill. They will, however, be dismantled and destroyed, by our military, our intelligence services and our law enforcement community. And the notion that America’s counterterrorism professionals and America’s system of justice are unable to handle these murderous miscreants is absurd.

Man, these cut-and-runners are goofy. You point out how weak they are on national security and suddenly you’re serving Al-Qaeda?
That doesn’t even make sense.


Byron York has more at The Washington Examiner.

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