Obama: St. Louis Campaign Supporter Died of Breast Cancer – Says She Couldn't Afford Exam – But Breast Exams Are Free to Poor in St. Louis (Video)

Unreal. There really is nothing they won’t do or say to get this nationalized health care bill rammed through Congress.

Obama says a St. Louis supporter who died of breast cancer because she didn’t have insurance and put off having the kind of exams that she needed. Obama said she will be buried in an Obama T-shirt.
Even the audience laughed at this story – But not Obama:

It’s just too bad this woman didn’t call St. Anthony’s Hospital in St. Louis. They offer free breast exams to women who are in need of assistance.
I suppose that’s Bush’s fault, too.

UPDATE: Donna found this out on the deceased woman who was buried in the Obama t-shirt. I suspect there is more to this story than is reported here.


“Melanie had health insurance coverage. Sort of. Back in 2005 she was an entrepreneur struggling to grow her small business. She could only afford a catastrophic health insurance policy with co-pays and deductibles nearing $10,000.

So when the lump came, denial seemed the most pragmatic option. When diagnosis finally followed, the cancer had spread through her body to bone, lungs and liver. It was Stage 4 breast cancer.

At this point, Melanie had some coverage, in the form of Missouri’s Medicaid program – a public option, if you will. And she got better, for a spell. But then her private carrier denied coverage for a treatment her oncologist had recommended. She appealed, to no avail.”

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