NY City chaplain Imam Arrested For Smuggling Razors into Jail

Headline of the day…

A New York City chaplain imam was arrested yesterday for smuggling razors into the jail.

Chaplian Zul-Qarnain Shahid (New York Daily News)


USA Today reported:

A jails chaplain was arrested Wednesday after he tried to smuggle three razor blades and a pair of scissors into a lockup, authorities said.

Imam Zul-Qarnain Shahid, 58, of Staten Island, was arrested at the Manhattan Detention Complex on Wednesday on several charges, including four counts of promoting prison contraband in the first degree, a felony. The Department of Investigation, which looks into cases of corruption or unethical conduct among city employees, did not have the name of his attorney. No home phone number was listed for Shahid.

He was expected to be arraigned on the charges later Wednesday.

The DOI said in a statement that Shahid was arrested while entering the jailhouse, known as the Tombs, when a bag he had brought with him triggered an alarm from the x-ray machine. An officer discovered the contraband inside the bag and Shahid was taken into custody, the DOI said.

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