MSNBC Palin-Hater Schultz Will Cover Palin Speech Tonight

MSNBC announced this week that far left Palin-hater Ed Schultz will cover the Palin speech tonight at the National Tea Party Convention. This is the same guy that called her “political sliime” just last year.
NewsBusters reported:

MSNBC on Friday continued to mock and deride the “controversial” tea party movement. Host David Shuster commented on the group’s Nashville convention and asserted that it’s “full of workshops, meetings, funny outfits and speeches.” Setting the tone for how the conventioneers would be portrayed, Shuster introduced the segment by playing a clip of an unidentified woman.

“I just couldn’t sit down anymore and not do anything, because it reminded me of what happened during the reign of Hitler,” the woman asserted. Couldn’t MSNBC have found someone complaining about spending or the size of government? Reporter Domenico Montanaro dismissed keynote speaker Sarah Palin. He wondered if “she’s a politician first or a political celebrity first, now.”

…Shuster closed the segment by informing viewers that far-left host Ed Schultz would anchor MSNBC’s live coverage of Palin’s keynote speech on Saturday night. This is the same person who, on his June 16, 2009 show, trashed Palin as “political slime.” Is this MSNBC’s idea of balance?

We’ll be here to watch the media meltdown in person.

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