Liz Cheney: It's "Supreme Arrogance" that Dems Say They're Going to Ram Through Obamacare (Video)

Liz Cheney pointed out the “supreme arrogance” of the radicals in Washington today.
Thanks to Media Matters for the video:

Liz Cheney on FOX News Sunday: “You know I think it’s really supreme arrogance frankly. You know you’ve got a situation here where it’s absolutely clear the American people don’t support the bill. It’s absolutely clear they don’t support ramming it through using reconciliation. The Republicans, I agree with Juan, showed up at that summit and laid out very clearly the concerns about the cost of the bill and the substance of what’s in the bill and yet still the White House says we’re going to push this thing through. Speaker Pelosi this morning was out there saying, ‘Go ahead and vote for this even if it’s going to destroy your career– Which it will because the American people do not support it. So, it’s fascinating as a political exercise but it’s dangerous as an exercise in democracy.

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