Liveblogging SARAH PALIN At the Nashville National Tea Party Convention (Video)

Andrew Breitbart just introduced tonight’s speaker SARAH PALIN.

Mindy and Madison were excited to hear Sarah Palin. They blogged this weekend, too.

I gave them a few pointers before dinner.
Mike Kadela Founding Bloggers

Sarah Palin

Mike Kadela Founding Bloggers

PJTV was livestreaming the entire speech.

At National Tea Party Convention Sarah Palin tells the crowd, “We need a Commander in Chief not a law professor.”

Sarah Palin at the National Tea Party Convention spoke about President Obama’s national security policies. She told the president that our military is to be applauded not apologized for.

Sarah gave a great speech to her tea party supporters tonight in Nashville. She offered plenty of red meat mixed in with her common sense free market message. Sarah makes a great spokesman for the movement in that she represents your typical hardworking, patriotic, sincere, God-fearing American that is so often overlooked by the media elites and our “betters” in Washington DC. It was an historic evening and Sarah put on a great show.
What a great time.

Sarah Palin urged tea party protesters to help reshape and rebuild the Republican Party. She would make a great GOP chairperson if she wanted the role.

Founding Bloggers has more photos.

UPDATE: Graycen C. sent these terrific photos.

Glenn Reynolds
has amazing photos from behind the stage during Sarah’s speech.

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