Linking Jihadists to Islam– Bad… Linking Bush-Hating Marxists to Tea Party– Good

When did the democratic-media complex become so corrupt that they stopped making sense?

Ken Pittman, the voice of reason from WBSM in Massachusetts, discovered this new media rule:

“The lesson learned here is that it is OK to link an insane action by an ambiguous yet radical Marxist to conservatives but it is still slanderous and morally wrong to link Jihadists to Islam.”

And, the WaPo isn’t the only corrupt and dishonest outlet to try to link the Marxist plane crasher to tea party protesters… So is the Associated Press.


Alec Rawls wrote about how the AP also tried to connect the IRS attack to Tea Parties. The AP even tried to link Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh to the story some how.

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