Leading Democrat: "We've Got to Spend Our Way Out of This Recession" (Video)

The definition of insanity
Barack Obama and democrats tripled the United States deficit last year.

Today, Team Obama announced that this year’s deficit will top last year’s deficit.

Later this morning, House Majority Whip James Clyborn told FOX News that, “We must spend our way out of this recession.”

From massive spending bill to massivie spending bill, Obama and the democrats haven’t even flinched.
The Hill reported:

The U.S. government must spend its way out of the recession, the Democrats’ third-ranking House leader stressed Monday.

Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.), the House majority whip, said that trying to find greater savings in the budget, which was released by President Barack Obama this morning, wouldn’t help alleviate the recession.

“We’ve got to make some decisions here as to what’s in the best interests of our country going forward,” Clyburn said during an appearance on Fox News. “And I think the best interest is to invest in education, control these deficits, while at the same time trying to get people back to work.”

“We’re not going to save our way out of this recession,” the majority whip added. “We’ve got to spend our way out of this recession, and I think most economists know that.”

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