Iranian Regime Celebrates Anniversary – Beats Son of Opposition Leader for 5 Hours

Planet Iran has photos and more on the beating. Ali Karroubi was also threatened with rape.

Ali Karroubi – 37 year old son of Mahdi Karoubi shows the signs of torture by the regime’s agents. (Plantet Iran)

To celebrate the anniversary of the regime this year the basij forces captured the son of the opposition leader and beat him in a mosque for 5 hours.
The Telegraph reported, via Free Republic:

The bearded men in plainclothes who grabbed Ali from a crowd of anti-regime protesters and hauled him to a nearby mosque had no idea who they had arrested.

It wasn’t until the regime thugs had finished beating him and the 50 or so other young men they had rounded up that they checked his identity papers.

Then, when they realised that Ali Karroubi, 36, was the son of Mehdi Karroubi, a leader of Iran’s opposition Green Movement, they started beating him again – this time with sticks and batons.

“When they recognised who my brother was, the militia tried to punish him so badly,” said Mohammed Taghi Karroubi, the reformist politician’s eldest son.

“His wrist was fractured, he received so many lashes on his back and legs and his internal bleeding was so bad he was vomiting up blood. He was tortured by the basij and the police for five or six hours before they released him.”

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