Introducing the Gateway Pundit "Cold Reality" Picture Contest

Get Your Global Warming Sign in the News and Win Some Cold Hard Cash!

After Climategate, Glaciergate, Amazongate and the cold hard facts on the ground it’s become obvious that manmade global warming is a scam.

Big government politicians and scientists were hoping they could convince people that their junk science was real. Then they could further control the energy industry through taxation and regulation. Unfortunately, for them the scam is falling apart right in front of their eyes.


So what better time for a contest?
If you would like to have some fun and make a little cash while you’re snowed in then this is just the contest you’ve been waiting for. Here are the rules:

1.) Create a sign.
Write something in the general spirit of healthy skepticism for manmade global warming junk science.
Here are a few suggestions:

“Is the Global Warming Debate Really Settled?”
“Global Warming: Puh-lease”
“Is this Global Warming?”
“Global Warming Skeptic”
“I could use some Global Warming right about now”

…You get the idea

2.) You must then get your sign in a position so that it can be seen on TV.
For each local TV spot you will receive $100.00.
If a sign is placed on a national TV network the prize will jump to $300.00.
If two or three signs are on one TV spot then the prize would be divided by the participants.
The most original sign would receive and additional $500.00.
The funniest sign will receive an additional $500.00.

This contest applies to the storm hitting the East Coast from Tuesday, February 9th 2010 through Sunday, February 14th 2010.

We will try to monitor TV stations and look for you. But, you must show proof. If you have no proof then your chances of receiving a prize will be diminished greatly and you’ll have to convince us using your superior skills of persuasion. Please don’t be rude to reporters, but also remember that you have every right to be in public with a sign as anybody else.

Have fun, stay warm, make a statement and make some money!

Send your photo with your name and address to my email.

** The contest ends on Sunday. I will post photos on Monday.
Thanks to my secret supporter for coming up with the idea and fronting the prize money.

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