Chris Matthews: Saul Alinsky I Admire In So Many Ways (Video)

Chris Matthews praised radical Communist-Marxist fellow-traveler Saul Alinsky again today in his discussion with liberal talk radio host Michael Smerkonish.

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Transcript via Geoffrey Dickens at NewsBusters:


CHRIS MATTHEWS: It’s so interesting, because Saul Alinsky, who I admire in so many ways, I don’t completely identify with his politics but back in the old days of Chicago organizing, he used to say to his young people, the opposite of what you just said. He said, “Sure there’s a lot of complexity and gray areas, and sometimes the other side has got some good points, but don’t recognize them. Once you take side, accept completely the right of your side and pretend the other side has no argument going for it.” But you’re saying, “I’m not going to play by that rule any more. I’m not going to accept the fact that I have to say one side of the partisan debate is always right.”You’re not going to live like that.”
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Previously, in December Chris Matthews announced that, “Saul Alinsky is our hero.”

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