Chavista Czar Claims El Niño is a Yankee Imperialist Plot (Video)

Things could be worse. At least Obama sounds smart when he talks.
A Chavista thug went on national television this week to blame the El Niño effect, experienced each year for the past 11,000 years, on the yankee imperialists.

The Real Cuba reported:

Venezuela’s new Environment Minister made his public debut on Sunday, during Chávez’s weekly TV program “Aló Presidente,” and he immediately showed why he was chosen for the post: He is not only ignorant but also stupid.

The new minister, Alejandro Hitcher, told Chávez that the weather pattern known as El Niño has to have a different name, because “El Niño” was “chosen by the imperialists” to hide its real causes.

According to Hitcher, El Niño should be called “El Cope” for “Calentamiento del Oceano Pacífico Ecuatorial” (Warming of the Equatorial Pacific Ocean).

What this vegetable, who is now Venezuela’s Environment Minister, doesn’t know is that the name “El Niño” was not an imperialist invention.

The name was chosen by the fishermen of Puerto Paita in Peru, because this weather phenomenon is usually noticed around Christmas with a warming of the Pacific Ocean, near South America.

As a result, the Peruvian fishermen named it “El Niño” for Baby Jesus. (Niño means boy in Spanish)

Also, this weather pattern is not new, it has been occurring for close to 11,000 years, long before the “yankee imperialists” became an excuse for inept dictators and stupid environment ministers.

if someone tells Hitcher where the name came from, I would not be surprised if he says that George W. Bush’s great-great-grandfather was a Peruvian fisherman.

Here is video of Hitcher claiming that El Niño is a capitalist phenomenon.

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