Bill O'Reilly Blasts Politico Co-Founder on Tea Party Bias: "It's Bull. You're Not Telling the Truth"

Bill O’Reilly slammed Jim VandeHei from Politico last night for defending the state-run media’s atrocious coverage of the National Tea Party Convention. The media published only 2 favorable reports on the event out of hundreds.

O’Reilly accused VandeHei of lying about the media’s coverage of the event:
(Via BreitbartTV)

Bill O’Reilly said this in his Talking Points Memo before destroying VandeHei:

As you may know, the Tea Party held a convention in Nashville over the weekend. Sarah Palin was the keynote speaker and spent some time defining the movement, beginning with President Obama…

The Factor” began to research the mainstream media’s coverage of the Tea Party. We found only two – two — positive comments amidst thousands of reports: one by The Detroit News, the other by the Associated Press.

I mean, this is stunning. The establishment media cannot even admire the spirit of the movement, that is Americans getting involved and trying to improve their country.

Look at it this way. You can disagree with the Tea Party people, but the spirit of honest citizen involvement in government is noble. Is it not?

Yes, the Tea Party deal has elements of extremism in it. For example, I think folks who push the birther nonsense are very misguided and some of those people embrace the Tea Party.

But the American media will never embrace the Tea Party. Why? Well, generally speaking, they look down on the folks. They think you are dumb.

But the Tea Party is around, and it’s only going to get stronger.

And that’s “The Memo.”

Good for Bill for pointing out the obvious bias.

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