You Betcha!… Palin Campaigns For Rick Perry– Writes "Hi Mom" On Her Hand! (Pics)

RIGHT ON— On Sunday the left went bonkers after they discovered that the TelePrompter-less former Governor Sarah Palin wrote notes on the palm of her left hand for her speech to the National Tea Party Convention in Nashville. The far left absolutely freaked over this non-issue rather than focus on her brilliant speech knocking the Obama Administration’s horrid record on economics and national defense.

Today Sarah fired back…

She wrote “Hi Mom!” on her palm during her campaign stop with Governor Rick Perry of Texas.

Here’s one of the actual photos from Daylife. It’s not a fake:

Here’s another one:

Of course, the far left is not amused.
Give this round to Sarah Palin.

More… Story Balloon has video of Sarah’s speech for Rick Perry.

Still More… Palin exposes the misogyny in the democratic base.

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