Ann Coulter: How Long Are We Going to Pretend That Joe Biden Is Not Just Some Drunken Irishman Embarrassing Obama? (Video)

Last night on Geraldo Dem crank Joe Trippi compared Sarah Palin to Jesse Jackson Jr. (When was the last time Jesse Jackson sold out a venue in hours for a speech? When was the last time the liberal media mauled Jesse Jackson?) Ann Coulter came back with the best line of the night, “How long are we going to pretend that Joe Biden is not just some drunken Irishman embarrassing Obama?”

The Associated Content had more on the exchange, via Free Republic:

Ann Coulter has referred to VP Joe Biden as a “drunken Irishman” not once, but two, extremely enjoyable times in a debate with former Howard Dean campaign manager Joe Trippi over the Obama White House’s reactionary attitude of dispensing Joe Biden to counter Cheney’s criticism of Obama’s failed terror policies. Appearing as a panelist on Jerry River’s (that’s Geraldo Rivera to you and me) Sunday night show on FNC, Coulter delivered the spot-on description of Biden in the broader context of his effectiveness and credibility as someone the White House would choose to discredit Cheney. Clearly, Coulter was less than impressed with the VP, and his long, almost endless list of infamous gaffes just lends her credibility about the state of his sobriety as it relates to political debate.

Coulter referred to Biden as a drunken Irishman in back-to-back segments on Geraldo Rivera’s show, considerately making sure that those who missed her slight the first time would be sure to catch it the second time around. In particular, Coulter’s reference for the slight seemed to be correctly directed at Biden’s dishonest propaganda of late of falsely claiming that the success of Iraq was an Obama Administration success as opposed to a George W. Bush one. Unless one is a revisionist of history, one cannot let that falsehood of Biden’s go without standing up, having one’s own Joe Wilson moment, and boldly shouting, “You lie!!”

All the facts confirm that Bush’s decision in 2007 to increase US troops when his commanders asked—as opposed to Obama’s infinitely shameful and not soon to be forgotten mismanagement in 2009 over the same issue—is what ultimately pacified Iraq to the point where it’s quite quiet today.

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