Alexander Haig, Four-Star General & Aide to U.S. Presidents, Dead at 85

Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig passed away this morning in Baltimore.
UPI reported:

Former U.S. Secretary of State Alexander Haig has died in a Baltimore hospital, a spokesman said.

Gary Stephenson of Johns Hopkins Hospital said Haig was admitted there on Jan. 28, CNN reported. Stephenson released no details about Haig’s illness.

Haig, a West Point graduate and career Army officer, served in Korea and Vietnam. He was deputy chief of staff for national security under President Richard Nixon and returned to the White House to serve as Nixon’s chief of staff while the president was threatened with impeachment for the Watergate coverup.

After Nixon’s resignation, Haig served briefly under President Gerald Ford. He was secretary of state under President Ronald Reagan.

Rest in Peace Alexander Haig

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