1,500 Rally at St. Louis Tea Party Coalition Anniversary Protest

1,500 patriots turned out today at the St. Louis Tea Party Coalition Anniversary Celebration.

KMOX reported on the rally today:

A crowd of around 1,000 people gathered on the steps of the Gateway Arch, Saturday, to mark the one-year anniversary of the Tea Party movement in St. Louis and throughout the United States. Speakers talked of “sounding an alarm” in 2009 and following up by influencing the 2010 political races.

Speakers at the rally today included:
Michelle Moore
Stephanie Rubach
Jay Stewart
Dr. Gina Loudon
Dana Loesch
And tea party organizer Bill Hennessy.
Jonathon Burns did a great job as emcee. Adam Sharp, Jim Durbin and Patch took photos and blogged.

The Keyboard Militia has more photos. And, Doug posted photos and video here.


Bill Hennessy fires up the crowd at the rally.

Here’s my speech at the rally today. It’s dedicated to the tea party patriots and Charlton Heston.
(Thanks to Doug Edelman.)

Jim Hoft from Doug Edelman on Vimeo.

Missourah.com has more great photos.

Urban Infidel has photos from the New York City tea party protest rally today.

Miami held their Anniversary Tea Party today, too. Here are photos.

And, the Temecula Valley Tea Party patriots held a rally today in California.

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