US Communists Admit Obama Win Was a Turning Point in Our History

Communists admitted this week that Barack Obama’s win was a turning point for US communism.

The fact that Barack Obama looks like former Soviet official Nicolai Yezhov impressed the communists, too.

The Communist Party USA is holding their national convention this May in New York City. The organization admits in their announcement that Barack Obama’s election win was a turning point for the country. They also admit that their goal is to continue to build a “broad progressive labor-led democratic movement” able to defeat Republican obstructionism.

It ought to be an exciting event. After all, Obama and democrats have done a terrific job destroying the US economy this past year.
The Communist Party reported, via Free Republic:


The Communist Party USA is making plans for its 29th National Convention to be held the weekend of May 21-23 at its national headquarters in New York City.

The convention takes place at what has the potential to be a turning point in the history of our nation. Whether or not that turning point is reached, and the hopes of the 2008 elections are fulfilled, will depend on the building of a broad progressive labor-led democratic movement able to defeat Republican obstructionism and the far-right forces of reaction.

Thus this cannot be an ordinary convention. The four months between now and the convention will see a flurry of activity by the party involving both discussion and action whose goal is to help build such a movement.

More… Sojourner added this:

What a tourist magnet the Big Apple is! Hard for a dodo like me to choose.. Do I go to see the Communists on parade at their USA Convention or wait and bust into my savings to experience the thrill of KSM/ Terrorist trials? Decisions, decisions. :>(

Don’t forget your camera.

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