The State-Run Media Won't Touch It… But Bulgarians Not Afraid to Report on Jennings Fistgate Scandal (Updated)

It’s an Obama world…
Up is down, left is right, losing millions of jobs is “creating or saving jobs”, and the Bulgarian media is reporting on the stories that the state-run media won’t poke with a stick.

Today FOX News released its list of the Nine Big Stories the Mainstream Media Missed in 2009. This list includes the commie-truther Van Jones Green Czar story that was completely ignored by The New York Times and Washington Post until after he was forced to resign. However, they did mourn his loss after he stepped down. FOX News also listed the ACORN pimp-ho Scandal and the corrupt Safe Schools Czar Fistgate Scandal as two other stories missed by the American state-run media this past year.

Dana Loesch at Big Government also has a must-read report on The Most Underreported Stories of 2009. Like FOX News, Dana includes the ACORN pimp-ho Scandal, Van Jones and “Safe” Schools Czar Kevin Jennings as three of the top unreported stories of 2009.

It became obvious in 2009 that the state-run media would not report any news that would make their Messiah look bad even when children’s lives were at risk. Obama’s “safe” schools czar has been pushing porn books into our children’s classrooms for nearly twenty years. His books include stories of first graders having orgies in the bathroom and teenagers being raped. The children’s books he promoted have pictures of men having sex while boy scouts watch. His organization that he founded in the ’90’s and led until 2008 still pushes these books and several other child porn books on 7th through 12th grade students. The safe schools czar organization GLSEN held conferences where they lectured on fisting to children and handed out fisting packs to children. Of course, the leftwing Soros-linked Media Matters website defended all of this.

The US media would rather see children put at risk and handed fisting packs than report on this story because it may embarrass their failed superhero. They would rather protect the radical president than protect America’s children. It shows you how corrupt the mainstream media has become in this country.

But the Bulgarian media is covering it.
Bulgarian writer Ivan Stamenov is reporting on the Jennings’ scandal today:

The US state-run media may be hiding from the Jennings’ scandal. Maybe they even think teaching fisting is appropriate for 7th graders? Whatever the reason, even Bulgarian reporters are brave enough to report on this abuse of children.
It’s an Obama world.

UPDATE: Ivan Stamenov posted this in the comments:

Dear friends, especially you, Agent99, you don’t have to be ashamed by Jennings, Holdren, or any other prick that bows to Obama and his corporate/bankster masters. Google Translate kinda sucks… so I can assure you personally that my article is not anti-American in any way. There are many similar examples of mad politics and dirty agendas all over the world. Thank you for the original article about Jennings’ lunacy, all I can do is support you by translating it into other Slavonic languages. In case you care, the article on my site is in Bulgarian, not Russian.

Take care and godspeed!

More… Gay Patriot has more on the radical left’s smears.

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