State Officials Block Sgt. Crowley From Speaking to Police Cadet Graduates

President Obama made his public gaffe on the arrest of his radical Harvard friend a teaching moment for all of America by holding a beer summit at the White House.

Poor Sgt. Crowley… First he was dissed by President Obama at a press conference. Now, state officials have blocked a request by police cadets for him to speak at their graduation.
Digital Journal reported:

State officials have vetoed a request by police cadets to invite Sgt. James Crowley to be keynote speaker at their April graduation. Crowley gained notoriety after arresting a prominent black Harvard professor trying to get into his own house.

A story in the Boston Globe reports that the class of 54 cadets at the Randolph Regional Police Training Academy had voted to invite Sgt. Crowley to speak at their graduation, but state official vetoed the idea.

Last July, Crowley arrested Prof. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., after responding to a call of a possible burglary in progress at Gates’ Cambridge home. Gates was returning home from a trip abroad and was having difficulty with a jammed front door. When Crowley arrived and questioned Gates, Crowley asserted that Gates became belligerent and uncooperative, and arrested him for disorderly conduct. Gates charged Crowley with racial profiling.

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