Six Foot Frozen Goracle Returns to Fairbanks (Video)

Oh Great Goracle… Give us a sign.

In what might become an annual tradition, an ice sculpture of former Vice President Al Gore complete with hot air spewing from its mouth has taken its place in front of Thrifty Liquor along Airport Way in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Via Breitbart

Alaska’s KTVA reported that Local businessmen Craig Compeau and Rudy Gavora contracted the piece from award-winning sculptor Steve Dean and say they’ll keep erecting one each winter until Gore accepts an invitation to discuss the global warming issue in Fairbanks.


Maybe they should wait a couple of years until things warm up in Alaska. Al Gore warned two years ago that the Arctic polar cap would disappear in 5 years.

Related… By the way, there has been no rise in atmospheric carbon fraction over the last 150 years or during the most recent five decades.

Still More… Great Britain bloggers are taking a closer look at one of their prominent global warming alarmists.

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