Scott Brown's Campaign Picks Up Steam- GOP Candidate Sees Explosion in Online Donations

Scott Brown‘s campaign is picking up steam in the race for US Senate.
Online donors helped the charismatic Republican raise $700,000 in the past 6 weeks.
And, his creative advertising on fiscal responsibility is helping to lift his campaign. In this ad Scott Brown and John F. Kennedy take turns reading from the same 1962 Kennedy speech calling for tax cuts.

Republican U.S. Senate candidate Scott Brown and President Kennedy are two different people, from different parties and different eras, but they agree that broad-based tax cuts will create jobs and stimulate the economy.

The Boston Herald reported:

While Democrat Martha Coakley has raked in more than five times GOP rival Scott Brown’s donations, the underdog state senator’s fund raising is picking up steam in the final weeks of the race for U.S. Senate.

Coakley, the state’s attorney general, yesterday announced she’d raised $1 million in the last six weeks for a total of $5.2 million since her campaign began.

Brown’s campaign has received $700,000 in the past six weeks – considerably higher than previous totals – putting his war chest just over the $1 million mark.

“There has been an explosion of interest in Scott Brown’s campaign and a lot of his fund-raising energy is coming from online donations,” said senior adviser Eric Fehrnstrom, who added that most of Brown’s money has come from small donations.

“We expect to be outspent, and we are enormously pleased with the surge of fund raising,” he said.

Coakley spokesman Corey Welford attributed her financial advantage to “grassroots support.”

She had also taken in $161,100 from political action groups as of Nov. 30, records show.

Among her biggest donors are fellow lawyers, who kicked in a total of about $615,000 as of last month, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

** You can donate to Scott Brown’s campaign here.


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More… There’s a sleeper Kennedy in the race too.

UPDATE: It appears that Democrat Martha Coakley may be involved in an illegal donations scheme.

UPDATE 2: Nathan at The Raw Deal held an event for Scott Brown in his home. This is truly a grassroots campaign.

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