Scott Brown Speaks to 4,000 in Worcester- 3 Buildings Used to Hold Overflow Crowd

The crowd today in Worcester was pretty fired up…
Before the rally even started!

Here are Scott Brown’s opening remarks:

Thank you very much. What a privilege it is to share the stage with John Ratzenberger, Lenny Clarke, Doug Flutie, Curt Schilling, Fred Smerlas, Steve DeOssie, and many, many others – and my favorite singer, Ayla Brown.

As you know, Curt Schilling made the news just a couple of days ago when my opponent didn’t recognize his name. Of all the many false accusations she’s made in this campaign, one of the strangest was to call Curt Schilling a Yankee fan. Let me properly identify the guy she’s been smearing on the radio: His name is Curt Schilling, formerly of the World Champion Red Sox – you know, a baseball team that plays at Fenway Park…

Red Mass Group has the rest of Scott Brown’s speech from today. He was great.

Scott Brown gave his daughter and American Idol singer Ayla Brown a big hug after his speech today at Mechanic’s Hall.

It took three venues to hold all of the supporters today.
Scott Brown filled the 1600 seat Mechanics Hall, a 700 seat ballroom at the Crown Plaza Hotel, and the nearby 500 person capacity Osgood Bradley Building today for the Massachusetts People’s Rally.

More… AlfonZo Rachel is on the ground in Massachusetts and has a great video at Pajamas TV.

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