Saudis Warned Top Obama Officials About Underwear Bombs in October

CNN reported on September 30, 2009 that a Saudi bomber from Yemen and Al-Qaeda member tried to kill Saudi Prince Mohammad Bin Nayef with an underwear bomb on August 28, 2009.

Suicide bomber Abdullah Hassan Tali al-Asiri attempted to kill a Saudi prince by detonating explosives hidden in his underwear. His target, Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef, escaped with minor injuries. (The Telegraph)

Now Newsweek is reporting that the Saudis briefed a top Obama official about the Yemeni underwear bomber attack back in October, via HotAir:

The briefing to Brennan was delivered at the White House by Muhammad bin Nayef, Saudi Arabia’s chief counterterrorism official. In late August, Nayef had survived an assassination attempt by an operative dispatched by the Yemeni branch of Al Qaeda who was pretending to turn himself in. The operative had tried to kill the Saudi prince by detonating a bomb on his body, but stumbled on his way into the prince’s palace and blew himself up.

Saudi officials initially thought the bomb had been secreted in the operative’s anal cavity. But after investigating the matter more thoroughly, they concluded it had likely been sewn into his underwear, thereby allowing the operative to bypass security checks before his meeting with the prince. A main purpose of Nayef’s briefing for Brennan was to alert U.S. officials to the use of the underwear technique.

U.S. officials now suspect that Nayef’s attempted assassin and Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the Nigerian suspect aboard the Northwest flight, had the same bomb maker in Yemen, intelligence experts tell NEWSWEEK. At the briefing for Brennan, Nayef was concerned because “he didn’t think [U.S. officials] were paying enough attention” to the growing threat from Al Qaeda in Yemen, said a former U.S. intelligence official familiar with the briefing.

And, what did the Obama Administration do with this new information?


It looks like Cheney was right. Barack Obama’s policies have made us less safe.

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