RNC Chairman Michael Steele Has Another Awful Day

UPDATE: Chris Muir has the perfect cartoon:

Michael Steele bashes the GOP so the state-run media won’t have to.
The democrats just passed a bill to take over one-sixth of the US economy and Michael Steele is slamming Republicans?
Somebody please help me understand this.

RNC Chairman Michael Steele was out plugging his new book yesterday and managed once again to give the state-run media several Republican-bashing headlines in the process.


Here are the headlines today on Michael Steele’s failed Monday, via Memeorandum:

Steele Doesn’t Know If GOP Ready To Lead — RNC chair Michael Steele doesn’t think his party can take back the House in ’10, and even if they do, he doesn’t know if the GOP is ready. — Appearing on Sean Hannity’s nationally syndicated show the same day his new book, “Right Now,” …

GOP Chief: Republicans ‘Screwed Up’ After Reagan

RNC chairman doubts GOP will win back the House this November

Nice job, Michael.
It’s a marvel how you manage to create so many GOP-bashing headlines in one round of interviews.

Here’s an idea… How about in the next interview, Michael, you mention something positive about the Republican party you are leading? How about you report on how the Republican minority in Congress just voted unanimously again in December against Son of Stimulus and against Obamacare?

There is a difference in the parties, Michael, and it is up to you to point that out.
The media won’t.
Quit bashing the GOP!

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