Outrage! NPR Uses Taxpayer Money to Create Teabagger Bashing Video …Update: Video Creator Tweets About "Teabaggers"

This is outrageous.
It’s not only CNN and MSNBC who are attacking ordinary Americans who oppose the democrat’s record spending and massive expansion of government…
National Public Radio is using your taxpayer dollars to bash teabaggers with their latest online video–

“Learn to Speak Teabag”

Via Political Lore

The video bashes Republican Representatives who took donations from insurance or pharmaceutical companies but totally ignores the seedy Chicago style backroom deals made and bribes offered by democrats to get their massive takeover of the health care industry rammed through Congress.


The video pokes fun of the angry teabaggers showing their Nazi and Stalin signs.

But, in the real world it was Nancy Pelosi, Alan Grayson, Baron Hill and Harry Reid who called tea party protesters Nazis, terrorists, evil-mongers and mobsters. Hey, if you can’t beat them, bash them.

The insulting video was created by Mark Fiore from San Francisco…
And was funded with your taxpayer dollars.

UPDATE: Here’s the video, via FOX Nation:

UPDATE 2: The videographer is tweeting tonight about the “teabaggers”:

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