Olbermann Compares Brit Hume to Jihadists

Here’s the latest example of Christianity hatred from the democratic-media complex.
Keith Olbermann compares Brit Hume’s faith to jihadism.

Now the left is demanding that we not speak of our Christian faith in public.
The Examiner reported, via Free Republic:

MSNBC’s Keth Olbermann went after Fox News Channel’s Brit Hume for comments Mr. Hume made about Christianity this weekend. Olbermann’s comparison was so outrageous even his guest, Dan Savage, who was critical of Mr. Hume had to moderate Mr. Olbermann’s remarks. (VIDEO BELOW)

OLBERMANN: (2:15 in) Isn’t this the classic thing that your mother probably also pointed out to you about never discussing religion in public? You can discuss religion in public. Its like this that you’re not supposed to do it. This crosses that principle. Keep religious advocacy out of public life since the worst examples of that are Jihadists—not to mention guys who don’t know their own religions or someone else’s religion like Brit Hume.

Personally, I was never told to not discuss faith in public. This must be the new line by liberals and democrats to attack Christianity in our culture.

They not only are banning Christian symbols in public, they don’t want us to discuss Christianity in public either. It may offend someone.

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